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CrossTarget makes retareting and reminding advertisement possible on App which takes up 86% of user’s mobile time. It is different from Device Fingerprinting which is known to have low accuracy. Our revolutionary ID Paring technology has accuracy of 100% so that retargeting and custom audience targeting is possible.

 Targeting based on Big Data

In order to target more efficiently, gathering a lot of user data is a most. From these data, we need to figure out meaningful data to expose optimized banner on limited mobile screen. Through machine learning and big data analysis, CrossTarget makes personalized targeting advertisement possible.

  Optimize Algorithm

CrossTarget optimizes its efficiency by using various algorithm. We constantly develop and optimize algorithms like RTB(Real Time Bidding) bidding price optimization algorithm, conversion optimization algorithm related to campaign operation, matching algorithm to send out most fitting advertisement to users and various more to increase efficiency.


The most advanced mobile targeting advertisement, CrossTarget, is already known for it’s high advertising efficiency in the market.

Mobile retargeting

Even through App takes up 85% of mobile traffic, it was impossible to reach those users. CrossTarget can reach those users and provide differentiated retargeting service.

Custom Audience Targeting specialized for Apps

By using custom audience targeting, we can deliver or exclude ads to certain user group (ex. users who have products in their shopping cart). This will optimized the efficiency of the advertisements.

Various Targeting Option

Do you want to advertise to those who made a purchase within a week or bought a certain product? CrossTarget offers various targeting options like time, platform, geographic statistics or interest to reach exact target customers.

Performance Report

CrossTarget offers various report based on campaign, target, material and many more. Through various report, customers can measure and analyze their achievements to manage campaigns.

Decision Making based on Data

CrossTarget helps advertisers make decision based on data. Through campaign experimenting tools and accurate report, advertisers can manage campaigns based on data.

RTB Support

CrossTarget supports standard RTB. Self-developed price bidding algorithm promises efficient budget management and campaign management.